Date: October 23, 2023
To:  NYU Full-Time Faculty
From: Georgina Dopico, Interim Provost; Stacie Bloom, Vice Provost for Research and Chief Research Officer

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce a new $2 million NYU Discovery Research Fund for Human Health that is being launched today by the Office of the Vice Provost for Research. The Fund was established to make substantial progress toward understanding and improving health through research and innovation. It will support research teams in unlocking groundbreaking discoveries and addressing bold, significant challenges in human health. We encourage ambitious proposals across fields, with a focus on interdisciplinary and cross-school collaborations, as meaningful breakthroughs come from integrating multiple perspectives.

NYU full-time faculty (including tenured, tenure-track, and contract faculty) in New York, Abu Dhabi, and Shanghai (not including GSOM faculty) are eligible to apply for three types of awards:

Planning Awards

Planning Awards will support teams to lay a robust foundation for an ambitious research project. These awards may facilitate team formation and maturation, stakeholder and/or community engagement, literature review, joint publication(s), research project planning, and other activities that bring together the necessary partners and begin integration and scaling of existing research efforts.

Early Stage Research Awards

Early Stage Research Awards will help teams advance their research project, for example through pilot data collection, analysis, and/or prototyping, to be successful in applying for significant external funding and/or demonstrate clear commercialization or entrepreneurial potential.

Technology Acceleration and Commercialization (TAC) Awards

TAC Awards are designed to translate NYU’s excellence in research into real-world application or practice. Awards will support applied research and technology projects with near-term potential for commercialization, either through start-up creation or licensing.

We will accept applications across two cycles, with deadlines of December 20, 2023, and June 17, 2024. Applications will be reviewed by a panel of NYU faculty who will assess the significance, rigor, feasibility, and potential for follow-on funding, commercialization, and/or entrepreneurial potential.  

You will find full details about the Fund and how to apply on InfoReady. If you have any questions please email   

We look forward to the groundbreaking discoveries you will make with the support of this new investment in our research community.