FROM: Provost Katherine E. Fleming

Date: September 5, 2018

As a large urban research university, our environment can present unique opportunities and challenges for our students that require us to work together. To support NYU’s focus on the student experience, we have created the Office of Student Success to serve as a resource to faculty and university leaders on matters related to the development of strategic initiatives to enhance student retention, satisfaction, and graduation. (You can learn more about the Office of Student Success at

One of the first initiatives from this office is a University-wide platform to help us better identify students who may need our assistance, collaborate more effectively across schools and departments, and connect students to campus resources so they can take full advantage of all that NYU has to offer. This platform, called Starfish, has been rebranded as NYU Connect and is now available for you to use.

Using NYU Connect, faculty, advisors, and student services professionals can raise flags (alerts) for undergraduate students in need of assistance. When a flag is created in the platform, the student’s academic advisor is alerted and can then take steps to connect the student with people and resources across the University. NYU Connect also allows you to track the progress and resolution of flags, so you can be sure that your students are getting the help they need.

This is the first phase of NYU Connect. In the coming months, the Office of Student Success will continue to work with representatives from your schools to enhance functionality, introduce new features, and prepare for future access for students. To learn more about how you can use NYU Connect and to access resources that can help you get started today, please visit the NYU Connect website.