Date: September 29, 2020

To: NYU Students

From: Provost Katherine Fleming

Re: Looking Ahead to Thanksgiving

Typically, many of you travel during Thanksgiving. Though the holiday is two months off, I'm writing now to encourage you to think carefully about your plans not just for the holiday, but for what you will do after it.

If you travel outside the tri-state area, quarantine restrictions may still apply. So if your travel takes you to a "hot spot" state, you will need to quarantine for two weeks in NYC upon return. Given that there are only 10 more class days left in the semester after Thanksgiving, we suggest that you seriously consider not returning to campus and finishing the semester remotely.

Another option is to stay in New York City for Thanksgiving. I won’t pretend that Thanksgiving here will be like being at a loved one’s house with your family’s secret recipe for cranberry sauce. Nor can we set up big dining tables where you can eat with others. But for those in dorms, we will do the best we can to make it nice and special (important note: certain programs, including some professional programs, have made clear to their students that they must stay in NYC for Thanksgiving, or risk not graduating on time. As you consider your Thanksgiving plans, please pay careful attention to any guidance coming from your dean’s office or academic program).

Any of these approaches is fine and will be accommodated. Again, since many of you buy tickets well ahead of time, we wanted to get this message out to you well ahead of time, as well.