Date: October 28, 2021
To:  NYU Faculty
From:  Provost Katherine Fleming

Dear Colleagues,

I know you’ve been inundated with communications, so I’ve hesitated to send this one. With the semester now in full swing, it’s increasingly clear to me that NYU has both persevered and, in some ways, grown through the experience of the past 20 months. Much of that is thanks to you. I’m writing to share just a few things that are back up and running and some that managed, incredibly, to keep running despite and through it all.


GRI Travel Resumes Spring 2022

Some Global Research Initiative (GRI) programs existed in limited form during the pandemic, more are running this fall, and I’m happy to report that the program is scheduled to resume full operations this spring. Since I launched GRI 10 years ago, it’s supported more than 1,300 faculty and graduate students traveling to 10 GRI sites. Here are some nice promotional sound bites from alums:

"Being at GRI at NYU Madrid truly helped me expand my vision and get a real feel of the beauty of the NYU Global Network University concept." —Panče Naumov, Professor, Department of Chemistry, NYU Abu Dhabi

"It was great having the opportunity to meet and visit with colleagues [at NYU Paris], create new connections, and to share my research with colleagues there. I think the benefits of that month will be long-lasting." —Joseph Cimpian, Associate Professor of Economics and Education Policy, NYU Steinhardt

"I believe the writing and resources there [at NYU DC] are a large reason why I’m still able to focus on writing amidst COVID-19 and national political upheaval." —Angelo Baca, PhD Candidate, Department of Anthropology, GSAS

If you or your graduate students are interested in applying for Summer or Fall 2022, please click here.


Class of 2025

Drawn from a record-breaking 100,000 applications, the Class of 2025 is both selective (12.8% overall acceptance rate and 1500 average SAT score) and inclusive (24% Pell Eligible and 21.5% first-generation college).

Study Away

In spite of pandemic-related travel and immigration issues, nearly 3,000 students are studying away from their home campuses this semester, including about 800 Abu Dhabi and Shanghai students joining us here in New York, and approximately 1,000 undergraduate and graduate students "going local" in Shanghai.

International Enrollment

Despite COVID-related immigration challenges, approximately 9,000 international students were able to join us in New York this semester for the first time. Many were new admits, and some joined us in-person after a year of Go Local or taking courses remotely.

Faculty Honors

In spite of limitations on research and work during the pandemic, our faculty, as ever, have earned some impressive distinctions. Here’s an up-to-date list of NYU faculty awards and honors.


Greener Offices

I sincerely hope that in the post-COVID era (soon may it arrive!) we can jettison once and for all some of our worst mindless consumption habits (coffee pods, bagel trays, printing, unnecessary air travel, endless trash). Please check out the new Green Workplace Certification program; it helps us inventory the many ways we can minimize waste.

Climate Seed Grants

In support of collaborative and innovative research into climate change issues, my office began offering seed grants to all NYU faculty, ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. We awarded our first ten grants this fall, and will be taking applications again in spring 2022.

Electric Charger in WSV Garage

With chargers already installed at Silver Towers, the Washington Square Village parking facility is installing a charger for electric vehicles later this fall, so you can fully charge your vehicle while you park (for a small fee).


I don’t love the concept of rankings, but it won’t hurt faculty and student recruitment efforts that we’ve moved up in some major ones—#28 (a six-way tie) in US News and #26 in the Times Higher/WSJ—our highest showing historically in each of these lists. (But who’s counting…?)

Finally, the main thing that kept working throughout the past year and a half is you. I know from personal experience what an outright nightmare it has been to manage our lives, our jobs, and our fears all at once. I’ve heard from many of you and know that there are myriad challenges beyond those that I have experienced or can imagine. Thank you for caring about your work and your students in the midst of it all, and thank you for keeping NYU not just going, but going well. I hope you’re all aware that the Office of Work Life continues to develop innovative programming to help us navigate the challenges of having both a life and a job. Huge thanks for doing yours so well.

Katherine Fleming

Katherine Fleming