Date: Tuesday, March 3, 2020
From: Katherine Fleming, Provost; Martin Dorph, Exec. Vice President; and Dr. Carlo Ciotoli, Exec. Director, Student Health Center

Given the latest guidance from the CDC regarding foreign exchange and study abroad programs and the rapidly changing guidelines on travel and crossing borders due to the spread of the coronavirus, the University has decided that all upcoming non-essential international University-related travel should be cancelled until further notice. This includes planned group trips and individual travel. No upcoming non-essential international travel will be reimbursed during this period.

Requests for exceptions -- for instance, a scholar traveling at the request of a government to provide expertise to help stem the COVID-19 outbreak in Italy -- should be forwarded to for review. For those in the NYU Abu Dhabi community, those requests should be forwarded to for review.

Any individual approved for essential travel is strongly advised to register in NYU Traveler.

University-sponsored international spring break trips for students will be cancelled. As to personal travel: we know that spring break is often a time when members of the community travel internationally. We would urge you to keep in mind that travel restrictions have and can change rapidly with little notice. Depending on where you go, you may encounter challenges in departing a country, or face difficulties when you try to return. At the very least, you should plan on extra time for travel and keep up to date on developments at your destination as well as in the country to which you are returning.