NYU Student Affairs cultivates our students’ transformative growth and contributions by providing student-centered resources and engagement opportunities and fostering a University community that supports development, wellbeing, and belonging.

Our NYU students form meaningful bonds, thrive in our global community, and lead fulfilling lives with impact — today and in the future.

Division of Student Affairs is committed to being a diverse and collaborative organization in which all members are valued, engaged, and supported to contribute to the mission and grow as professionals. Together, we embody the following values:

Strategic Priorities

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Community & Connections

Our students and staff co-construct the culture of the NYU Division of Student Affairs to center an ethic of care that affirms all members of our global community. Together we proactively foster community belonging and sustain meaningful relationships grounded in care, curiosity, empathy, and respect. Our students and staff engage effectively with one another in moments of both tension and celebration.  

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Evidence-Informed Decision Making

A clear culture of evidence-informed decision making in the NYU Division of Student Affairs, in student and staff-facing work, is predicated on every member of the Division understanding data as opportunities to ensure efficient budgeting, identify effective programs, promote continuous improvement and share the NYU stories of students and staff. As a result of amply provided tools and training, staff intentionally identify measurable operational and student learning outcomes for all programs and initiatives.

We share data widely and encourage units to collaborate and scale efforts. We communicate decision-making processes, and progress updates throughout the division. Staff have room to take risks, experiment, and cut losses when developing and implementing accountability measures and assessments for improvement that go beyond stakeholder satisfaction. Together, this facilitates our ability to highlight the good work that contributes to student and staff engagement, learning, collaboration, and retention.

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Global IDBEA

Global Inclusion, Diversity, Belonging, Equity, and Access (Global IDBEA) serves as a vital foundation to build community, inspire thoughtful engagement, and foster mutual understanding among students, staff, and administrators in the areas of Student Affairs, Global Programs, and Global Services. Individually and collectively we gracefully hold ourselves accountable for doing the work needed to advance GIDBEA.

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Navigation & Access

The Division of Student Affairs leverages shared technology and a user-centric/audience-first culture with students at its core. Every individual easily finds and accesses the opportunities, resources and information they need, when and ideally before they need them. This enhances the overall NYU experience and supports the success of students and staff.

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Student & Professional Development

All students have equitable opportunities for personal, leadership and career development that empower them to discover meaningful paths for themselves, effectively navigate their educational experience and successfully transition to a rewarding life and career with impact after graduation. NYU Student Affairs colleagues have consistent and equitable opportunities for professional development that enhance their skills and promote expertise that provide a foundation on which we build a comprehensive student development ecosystem. 

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Wellbeing & Flourishing

Student Affairs cultivates a supportive and inclusive university environment in which all students feel cared for and empowered with the resilience necessary to flourish during their University years and beyond.