A retrospective of achievements within the Division of Student Affairs, 12 YEARS AND COUNTING traces the creation of new offices — as well as the evolution of established units — in response to student needs, while highlighting the breadth of our work. Click here to browse »


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Created the Wellness Exchange and Reorganized Student Health Services
Created the Wellness Exchange, a nationally-recognized conglomeration of wellness and crisis management and response services in collaboration with NYU Student Affairs, academic, global, public safety, and administrative units. In 2005, University Health Services and Counseling Services merged to form the Student Health Center, providing students with one-stop quality comprehensive health services and marking the beginning of the Health Center’s rise to national prominence in the field of student health. This was marked by an increase in overall student access, from 37% of students using their services in AY2005 to 65% in AY2014.




Created the Student Resource Center
Through the merging of the Office of Student Life and the Commuter Student Services Office, along with the creation of two staff positions dedicated to transfer and graduate students, created the Student Resource Center in April 2005 to serve as a one-stop shop for students. Since its founding, the Student Resource Center has received 150,000+ calls to the Student Helpline.


Reorganized OASIS into the Center for Multicultural Education and Programs
Renamed OASIS to be the new Center for Multicultural Education and Programs, indicating a pedagogical shift from focusing specifically on individual racial/ethnic communities to focusing attention and resources more broadly on diversity education, programming initiatives and support services for communities of students.




Consolidated Career Development Services and established the Wasserman Center for Career Development
The Wasserman Center for Career Development was created and, through donors, built a state-of-the-art space that consolidates career services for the first time in one single location, enabling us to increase programs, services, and on-campus recruitment for students and alumni.


Created the Office of Research and Assessment
Created the Office of Research and Assessment to create a culture of review in Student Affairs, focusing on annual reviews of all Student Affairs departments in addition to external reviews of each department every four years by a national panel of blue ribbon experts. The Office also conducts major research projects, such as the Commuter student survey. The Office of Research and Assessment received a major commendation from our accreditors in 2014.




Converted the Office of Judicial Affairs and Compliance into the Office of Community Standards and Compliance
The Office of Judicial Affairs and Compliance transitioned to become the Office of Community Standards and Compliance, a paradigm upon which they base their function
(at least a year ahead of this now national trend). We also created a coordinated University student conduct process, implemented the “Advocate” student conduct database to serve the entire global university, and created a unified student conduct procedure for the global network.




Merged the Office of Housing (formerly in Auxiliary Services) and Residential Education into the Office of Residential Life and Housing Services (under Student Affairs)
Merged and re-organized two independent administrative units — Housing and Residential Education — to create the Office of Residential Life and Housing Services in 2009, resulting in enhanced workforce efficiency, significant savings for the University, and reduced bureaucracy for students. This merged department has also been very successful in managing housing occupancy, frequently filling all of the University’s 10,800 student beds in the fall and maintaining between a 1.5% and 3% vacancy rate in the spring. Summer occupancy continues to consistently surpass University’s budget expectations.




Renamed the Office of LGBT Student Services to the NYU LGBTQ Student Center
Renamed the Office of LGBT Student Services to the NYU LGBTQ Student Center in 2010, to meet national trends that recognize queer identities in the naming of the spaces that seek to be inclusive of identities outside of gender expression and sexual orientation binaries, and, to better describe the wide range of holistic programs and services that student receive as a Center as opposed to an “office.”


Created the Office of Interactive Media
Created the Office of Interactive Media in 2011 to redefine how we communicate with students and build a meaningful digital community at NYU. The office’s public face, HashtagNYU, shares student-relevant content across 10 social media platforms. OIM quickly became a national benchmark for digital student communications and earned multiple national and international awards in 2014: NASPA’s Gold Excellence Award, the American Marketing Association’s Higher Education Marketer of the Year Team Award, the EDMA’s Gold Education Digital Marketing Award, and HighEdWeb’s Best in Track honor.




Established a cohesive Spiritual Life presence on campus in partnership with the Provost’s Office
In 2012, the university opened the Global Center for Academic and Spiritual Life, which houses 40+ religious and spiritual clubs, while providing state-of–the-art spaces for prayer, worship, meditation, and yoga. The Global Center also houses the Of Many Institute for Multifaith Leadership, which is an academic institute founded with the Provost’s Office. Of Many offers an academic minor in Multifaith and Spiritual Leadership in partnership with the Wagner School of Public Service and the Silver School of Social Work and hosts academic conferences, alternative breaks, civic engagement initiatives, and “Faith Zone” training for students, staff, and faculty. Five students graduated with that minor in 2014. In AY2014, there were over 4,000 weekly visits to Spiritual Life worship services, lectures, programs, classes and consultations. Additionally, the documentary short “Of Many,” featuring NYU chaplains and students, premiered in April 2014 at the Tribeca Film Festival.




Converted the Office of International Students and Scholars to the Office of Global Services
The Office of International Students and Scholars transitioned into the Office of Global Services, expanding its breadth of services and client base to include inbound immigration services for international students and faculty members, as well as outbound immigration services for all NYU students and faculty members going abroad. With the addition of a Scholar Services staff person and a staff person based in Brooklyn at the School of Engineering, there are now 33 full time staff members supporting Global Services.



More Cohesive and Robust Brooklyn Student Affairs Offerings
Expanded and enhanced programs, services, facilities, and staffing in Brooklyn, primarily in the areas of Athletics, Career Development and Student Health.