Goals for units in the Division of Student Affairs at New York University are outlined below. For further information — including learning outcomes — please contact the Office of Research and Assessment.

Athletics, Intramurals, and Recreation
  • Student-athletes will develop practical competence and personal responsibility in support of their academic and life endeavors.
  • Student-athletes will develop humanitarianism and civic engagement in support of the global network.
  • The Department of Athletics, Intramurals, and Recreation will continue to create programming and services to support the overall health and wellness of the NYU student population.
  • Students will develop interpersonal competence in support of the global network.
Center for Multicultural Education and Programs
  • Members of the university community will examine their own multiple identities and the identities of others.
  • Students will engage as members of sometimes new and diverse local, regional and global communities.
  • Participants will analyze current and historical events with perspectives capable of considering multiple viewpoints.
  • CMEP will provide quality service by providing timely, thoughtful responses and connecting NYU Community Members with tools and resources.
Center for Student Activities, Leadership, and Service
  • Through advisement, students will develop skills to be effective All-Square club leaders: active listening and recall, attention to details, written and oral communication skills, organizational skills, confidence in knowledge, negotiation, ability to interrelate with others, conflict resolution, and delegation.
  • Through engagement in student activities, students will learn to be effective leaders by implementing communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Through engagement in student activities, students will learn to be effective global citizens by improving critical thinking skills about sustainable change with regards to social issues.
LGBTQ Student Center
  • Identify their perspectives on issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity/expression as well as be able to define key terminology.
  • Recognize key resources available in the LGBTQ Student Center in order to enhance student success and create an inclusive Global Network University community.
  • Expansion in the number of participants for NYU Ally Week by 10% every year for the next 5 years in order to build inclusive, supportive, and intercultural communities.
  • Increase the amount of LGBTQ programming and trainings at NYU Study Away sites by 15% by the year 2015.
Moses Center for Students with Disabilities
  • Students will learn to use technology effectively to increase lifelong learning.
  • Students will learn self-advocacy skills for use in academic and, employment situations.
  • Students will learn to manage their disability issues effectively in order to successfully complete their academic programs.
  • Students will successfully participate in study away opportunities at NYU.
Office of Community Standards
  • Strive to maintain a campus climate that is conducive to the educational mission of the University.
  • Students will be made aware of the University’s expectations regarding student conduct and will be provided with information on how to access the related policies and procedures. Students also will be provided with information concerning the University grievance policy and procedures.
  • Students who are reported to have engaged in behavior that violates University Student Conduct Procedures will be addressed through the student conduct process and encouraged to refrain from again engaging in such behavior through a combination of educational, administrative and student conduct interventions.
  • The Office of Community Standards will provide support and guidance to the various administrative units in New York and Global Sites that are involved in collaborative efforts to address issues of inappropriate student conduct.
  • Administrators involved in the student conduct process will adhere to the applicable policy, process and procedural standards.
Office of Interactive Media
  • Student interns will develop the leadership skills necessary to engage as members of a global team and diverse university community.
  • Students will develop abilities to navigate their new communities with practical life skills.
Office of Global Services
  • Students will gain knowledge of immigration requirements, responsibilities, and benefits in order to maximize academic, professional, and cultural opportunities while studying within the global network.
  • Students will be aware of resources available to guide them through complex immigration policies.
  • OGS will expand and improve relationships with NYU staff, programs, and departments to serve the increasing international student population and growing demands of the global network.
Office of Residential Life and Housing Services
  • Students will build relationships across political, social, and cultural difference.
  • Students will critically examine their own cultural identity by articulating differences and similarities between their own culture(s) and other local culture(s).
  • Students will develop the leadership skills necessary to engage as members of sometimes new and diverse local, regional, and global communities.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to be active partners in their own health as their physical, social and cultural environments change throughout the global network.
Student Health Center
  • Student will learn to be more active partners in managing their health and wellness to achieve personal, academic, and career success.
Student Resource Center
  • Students interacting with SRC will assimilate the resources necessary to become engaged and involved, and build communities.
  • Students engaged in leadership opportunities at the SRC will develop thoughtful and critical leadership skills (i.e. CommUnity, CA's, TA's, WW Leaders, Grad Ambassadors, GA's, etc.)
  • Students will engage in the GNU and become engaged global citizens. (Study abroad programs, transition programs, CommUnity).
  • SRC will support students to solve problems and address challenges to their success.
  • First-year and transitioning students will learn and develop habits of success.
  • The SRC will serve as a partner with other university and college administrators to support commuter, transfer, veteran, and graduate students.
  • Parents interacting with SRC will access necessary resources to facilitate the success of their student.
  • University partners will work collaboratively with the Student Resource Center in order to identify resources pertaining to NYU (including the global network) and NYC.
Wasserman Center for Career Development
  • Students will develop the ability to communicate verbally and in writing, research skills, and the ability to analyze information as they relate to career development.
  • Students will be able to connect and communicate with staff and employers in creative and innovative ways.
  • Staff will create programming and services to support the global network university.
  • Staff will develop and maintain strong NYU representation and partnership.