The New York University Student Affairs Assessment Team (A-Team) supports the Division of Student Affairs by aligning assessment goals and promoting best practices in assessment across the Division by:

  • Having University stakeholders meet regularly to collaborate on the creation and review of assessment initiatives;
  • Providing professional development opportunities for administrators and staff; and,
  • Serving as an advisory board for Division and University leadership.

The NYU Student Affairs Assessment Team meets the last Friday of each month, except when that date conflicts with a university holiday. Each Student Affairs unit is represented by at least one member on the team. Larger units may send more members. The Director of the Office of Student Affairs Research and Assessment serves as committee chair. Vice chairs are appointed by the chair to serve as an executive board. Associated or affiliated units outside of Student Affairs may participate as members of the A-Team upon request and approval by the A-Team. A-Team members can access the Student Affairs Research & Assessment Google Site for resources and additional information. For further information about the NYU Student Affairs Assessment Team, contact Charlene Herreid at

Adopted January 11, 2019.