Report an Incident

NYU is committed to the well-being and safety of our students. Unfortunately, sometimes incidents occur, and NYU encourages prompt reporting. Use the button below to learn more about the ways you can report such incidents. If you’re unsure where to begin, email us at or call (212) 998-4410, or use the button below to learn more.

Report An Incident

There are various methods you can use to report incidents.

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Critical Incident Response and Resources

Unpredictable events like natural disasters, national/local emergencies, tragic events, and family difficulties (to name a few) can disrupt a student’s life. If you are experiencing such an event,  the Office of the Dean of Students is here to help you. We are among the countless offices that stand ready to support our students by identifying campus and local resources and connecting you with incredible campus support services like the Wellness Exchange and the Office of Financial Aid. Students experiencing prolonged housing and food challenges can explore the support services outlined in our Basic Needs page.

Vigils and Community Gatherings

Sometimes, tragic events occur that deeply affect members of the NYU community. Vigils are one way of gathering to mourn or commemorate a tragedy. Any student(s) can request that the Center for Global Spiritual Life organize a vigil and/or a community gathering, using the Vigil and Community Gathering Request form. Learn more about the differences between a vigil and a community gathering:

Please note: the University and the Center for Global and Spiritual Life reserve the right to deny a request for a vigil and/or community space. For questions, please email