Student Basic Needs

A students’ “basic needs” refers to the essential components - food, health care, safe housing, etc. - that impacts a student’s well-being, sense of belonging, and ability to thrive at NYU. The Office of the Dean of Students is committed to working with university partners to support students experiencing basic needs insecurity, which includes:

  • Food Security
  • Stable Housing
  • Caregiving Resources
  • Mental Health & Wellness

Currently, we support and refer NYU students to numerous NYU-sponsored and external programs to address short term and acute basic needs insecurity. Over the coming months, our resources and content will continue to grow and expand as part of a concerted effort and commitment to address basic needs insecurity. Here is a list of helpful resources for students:

NYU-Sponsored Basic Needs Programs

New York State and NYC Sponsored Basic Needs Programs

For a comprehensive listing of programs and resources available to NYU students and New York City residents, we encourage you to visit the following links where you will find information regarding specific programs, including SNAP, Cash Assistance, child care resources, and heat assistance.