Designing Habits to Build the Life You Want

Researchers estimate that 40-50% of our actions on any given day are done out of habit. Being intentional about what those habits are can help us shape our identities, our processes, and our outcomes — creating personal core stability in an exponentially- and ever-changing world. As our contexts continue to shift, becoming intentional about our thoughts, our interactions, our behaviors, and our impact helps us scaffold our character and ground our self worth.

Whether you want to become mindful, resilient, focused, flexible, happy, anti-racist, studious, or something else, each day of the Becoming Your Desired Self workshop will explore the mechanics and strategies for building the life you want.

"I learned that willpower is not always enough to get ourselves to maintain a habit. This was interesting because I always have healthy habits for a short amount of time and then feel bad because I am not able to maintain them."

— Senior CAS student

"This workshop made my time in quarantine so much more meaningful, and it was the one part in everyday that I had to look forward to."

— First-Year Tisch student


Becoming Your Desired Self was recognized with a 2020 NASPA Excellence Award.

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Fall 2020 Schedule

DAY 1: The Art of Becoming
DAY 2: Harnessing Habit Loops
DAY 3: Putting It Into Practice
DAY 4: Grouping Together
DAY 5: Becoming Anti-Racist (with Leah Lattimore)
DAY 6: Becoming Resilient (with Dr. Reji Mathew)
DAY 7: Becoming Focused (with Clay Shirky)
DAY 8: Becoming Happy (with Dan Lerner & Shaquille Sinclair)
DAY 9: Becoming Mindful (with Melissa Carter)
DAY 10: Becoming Studious (with Aryaman Awasthi & Hanna Hameedy)
DAY 11: Becoming Flexible (with Nikki Webb)
DAY 12: Becoming in a Chaotic World