Mark Siegal

As Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs, Mark Siegal works closely with senior leadership to ensure academic excellence throughout the University. He works on cross-school curricula, undergraduate research, faculty-led initiatives, and academic policies. He leads a number of standing committees, including the Undergraduate Program Committee, the Undergraduate Academic Affairs Committee, and meetings of the Undergraduate Deans, and serves on the Senate Academic Affairs Committee. He administers the University Professors and Silver Professors programs and assists with administration of the Faculty Fellows in Residence.

Dr. Siegal has been at NYU since 2005, and has served as Director of Undergraduate Studies for Biology and as Vice Dean of the College of Arts & Science. As Director of Undergraduate Studies, he spearheaded major changes to the introductory Biology curriculum, increased the use of technology to enhance student advising, and led the creation of a unique study-away opportunity for science students at NYU Tel Aviv. As Vice Dean, he directed the College Core Curriculum and was co-investigator on an Association of American Universities STEM Mini-Grant to improve introductory instruction across the lab sciences. He has spoken in numerous settings on innovative teaching and on diversity and inclusion in science and teaching. He was named a National Academies Education Fellow in the Life Sciences; was awarded a National Science Foundation CAREER award for research and teaching; and earned the College of Arts & Science's Golden Dozen teaching award, the Graduate School of Arts & Science's Outstanding Faculty award, and the University's Distinguished Teaching Award.

Dr. Siegal is Professor of Biology in the NYU Center for Genomics and Systems Biology. His research focuses on the evolution of complex traits. He pioneered the use of automated microscopy to understand how similarities and differences between organisms are caused by the combined effects of genetics, environment and random chance. He is the author of over 50 scholarly publications and his research laboratory has been funded by the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. He is currently Chair of the Genetic Variation and Evolution Study Section of the National Institutes of Health.

Dr. Siegal received a Ph.D. in Biology from Harvard University and a Sc.B. in Biology from Brown University.

Assistant: Samantha White