At each of NYU's Global Academic Centers a staff member is selected to assist with all things related to identity, diversity, belonging, equity, inclusion, and accessibility at that site. Liaisons create programming, provide support to students, and connect them with appropriate local resources. Liaisons are engaged in ongoing training and dialogue with colleagues in NYU’s Office of Global Inclusion and the Division of Student Affairs to learn and understand how best to support students who are navigating their identities in a new culture. Students can contact liaisons to discuss IDBEA-related issues and receive information on how to get involved with IDBEA topics or student groups. Student who study away at one of the NYU degree campuses will find resources provided by on-site DEI offices/centers.

Marian Ansa-Otu

Gabriella Etmektsoglou

Paula Di Marzo

Mary Barbera and Nicoletta

Nigel Freeman

Robin Gonsalves

Soledad Galvez

Ahmed Nasri

Thea Favaloro

headshot of staff member Mark Eels

Eran Rotshenker