Dr Chijioke Obasi

Dr Chijioke Obasi is the Director for Global Programs Inclusive Engagement

I am delighted to take on this new role as Director for Global Programs Inclusive engagement. I have a long history of working in diversity and inclusion but working for New York University as the largest provider of study abroad programmes for students, offers new opportunities to shape this agenda on a global scale.

Issues of inclusion, diversity, belonging, equity, and access (IDBEA) may mean different things in different contexts. It offers great opportunities but also some challenges in how these issues are understood, communicated, lived and legislated in different countries. My fundamental goal in this role is to work with each of the global sites to create inclusive environments, where students, staff, faculty and everyone in the NY community feels visible and valued and can bring their whole selves in the contributions that they make. I believe inclusive environments can only result from co-creation. Study abroad offers a unique opportunity for intercultural learning but in today’s society, to maximize this learning opportunity it is important that we widen the lens on our understanding of different forms of culture and what that might mean in the lives of our students.

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