Programs and Services

NYU's Office of Global Programs oversees the university's academic centers in Accra, Ghana; Berlin, Germany, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Florence, Italy; London, England; Madrid, Spain; Paris, France; Prague, the Czech Republic; Sydney, Australia; Tel Aviv, Israel; and Washington, DC, as well as a new program in Los Angeles (opening Fall, 2019). In addition, the Office of Global Programs, working in conjunction with colleagues in Abu Dhabi and Shanghai, manages efforts for students wishing to study "away" at the portal campuses in New York, Abu Dhabi, and Shanghai.


NYU has never thought of itself as a gated community. It has always encouraged its students to think of themselves as participants in and shapers of a complex and changing environment. Indeed, part of NYU’s teaching mission consists in preparing students for lives in a diverse world, and faculty at NYU believe that such preparation is most effective when the outside world is not held at bay. This same principle holds true as we create a Global Network University that is both “in and of the city” and “in and of the world.”

Around the world, students work closely with faculty and with their peers on shared commitments. They apply what they learn and develop the skills and qualities—both needed and expected in this increasingly integrated, global climate—to make a real difference in the world.


The academic priorities and direction of NYU's global programs are overseen by faculty with related research interests that offer advice and counsel to the Provost and Senior Vice Provost. Faculty with research interests or affinities to a particular region are invited to serve on a Site-Specific Advisory Committee. These committees guide the development of new program initiatives and propose enhancements to existing course offerings at the NYU Global Sites. SSACs offer the NYU faculty significant involvement in the management and direction of the NYU programs abroad, ensuring that the Sites meet their research needs and those of their students. Additionally, the SSACs offer advice on the creation of new programs and sites, assist with curriculum review and assessment, and actively participate in the planning process for new campuses abroad.


The Office of Global Services (OGS) handles immigration matters for all students, faculty, and staff seeking immigration and visa support when traveling to most NYU locations in the US and around the world (NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU Shanghai have their own immigration teams which assist most travelers to those locations).

The Fulbright Scholar Program

Each year, the Fulbright Scholar Program looks for a wide range of scholars and professionals to represent the United States abroad. To learn how to become part of the U.S. Government’s flagship program for international exchange, visit On the site, you’ll find the Catalog of Awards, tips for applying, scholar stories and the official application. You can also contact their staff at (202) 686-7877 for more information.