New Faculty 2020-2021

Experienced clinicians, researchers, experts in human behavior, policy developers, and administrators from many settings come to teach at the Silver School of Social Work. The interdisciplinary faculty brings the School a wide range of knowledge and social work orientations spanning contemporary psychodynamic, psychological, and social theory perspectives and related research. They are experienced practicing professionals in mental health, policy administration, research, child welfare, group work, and independent practice.

Assistant Professors

Ifrah Magan

Ifrah Magan

Ifrah Magan is Assistant Professor. She received her doctorate degree from the Jane Addams College of Social Work and her A.M. from the School of Social Service Administration, both at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and her B.S. in Family and Community Services from Michigan State University.

With over a decade of experience working in refugee and immigrant communities, Magan's primary research focuses on the intersections of race, gender, religion, and class in refugee resettlement and integration. Her other research interests include access to health and mental health services amongst Muslim refugees, national and international immigration policies, community­‐centered research models, international social work, and indigenous methodologies. As a qualitative researcher, she incorporates storytelling as a method of understanding the lived experiences of refugee and immigrant populations. Her doctoral dissertation explored the migration paths of Somali refugees in Chicago, and in particular, how ethnic and religious identities impact (if at all) their resettlement and integration.

Prior to joining NYU, Magan was an adjunct instructor at the University of Illinois at Chicago and did research at NYU’s Global TIES for Children and the Department of Community Health Sciences at UIC. She has been the recipient of the Kathryn Davis Peace Award, and served as a Child Advocate for unaccompanied undocumented children through the Young Center at University of Chicago School of Law.