This Guide provides critical information to support full-time faculty searches at NYU, and is focused on strategies to attract diverse pools for faculty searches and on measures to ensure that all candidates are evaluated fully and fairly.  The guide is designed for department chairs, search committee chairs and committee members, faculty diversity search liaisons, and NYU faculty members.

The Washington Square Arch in fall

NYU is a dynamic global community where diversity, inclusion and academic excellence are interdependent. Excellent scholarship and teaching depend on having a diverse faculty that is equipped to meet the changes and challenges facing our world. Our teaching and pedagogy must reflect our students’ lived experiences, and prepare our increasingly diverse student body to meet those challenges.

The Search Process

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This guide draws from material on faculty searches at Columbia University (PDF: 240KB), Cornell University, Princeton University (PDF: 1.1MB), and Washington University-St. Louis, and from JoAnn Moody's Faculty Diversity: Removing the Barriers (Second edition, Routledge.)

This guide also draws from material and best practices, insights, and expertise generated over the years from numerous NYU faculty members and administrators, and from multiple University task forces and working groups. Specific thanks go to the following individuals:

Awam Amkpa
Ana Abraido-Lanza
LaRue Allen
Susan Antón
Mor Armony
Jamie Skye Bianco
Dominic J. Brewer
Thomas J Carew
Fred Carl
Sean Clarke
Lisa M. Coleman
Kelle Coyler-Brown
Kimberly DaCosta
Kristen Day
Rajeev Dehejia
Aleksandar Donev
Georgina M. Dopico
Gabriella Etmektsoglou

Kerri Farrell
Katherine E. Fleming
Peter Gonzalez
Robert L. Hawkins
Peter Blair Henry
Karen Jackson-Weaver
Lindsay N. Kendrick
Usheevii King
Karen Krahulik
Khalid Latif
Marc Jeremy LeBlanc
Kelly Long
Michael McCaw
Charlton McIlwain
John McIntosh
Gwynneth C. Malin
Molly Martin
Eugenia E. Mejia

Lina Meruane
Ali Mirsepassi
Amanda Molina
Patty Mouzakitis
Jonathan Niles-Weed
Jason Pina
Grace Cosachov Protos
Joseph Ravenell
Daniel Saperstein
Mary Signor
Stephen Small
Susanna Stein
Edward Sullivan
Juan Tie
Fatiah D. Touray
Yao Wang
Enrique Yanez
Kenji Yoshino