Charlton McIlwain

Charlton McIlwain

Vice Provost for Faculty Development, Pathways & Public Interest Technology


De Angela Duff

De Angela Duff

Associate Vice Provost

Usheevii King

Usheevii King

Assistant Vice Provost

Michael McCaw

Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Appointments

Niyati Parekh

Associate Vice Provost of Faculty Initiatives & Professor of Public Health Nutrition

Corey Blay

Senior Director for Pathways Strategy, Implementation, and Outreach

Program Director of College & Career Lab

Program Administrator of College & Career Lab

Senior Associate Director for Faculty Data, Office of Academic Appointments

 Anthony Cruz

Administrative Aide

Junior Research Analyst, Data Impact Assessment & Visualization

Project Administrator

Director, Faculty Cluster Initiative

Communications Manager

Director, Immersive Technology Lab (iTLAB)

Director of Business & Operations

Director of Strategic Initiatives & Community Engagement

Assistant Director, Faculty Information Systems Operations

Web Content Manager

Manager, Faculty Information Systems Training and Communications

Experiential Designer, Interactive Development & XR Technology

Senior Web Developer

Multimedia Producer—Video, Design & Animation

Danielle Wendricks

High School Application/ Postsecondary Counselor

Senior Reporting Analyst

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