The Vice Provost for Faculty and Undergraduate Academic Affairs provides University-wide academic leadership across NYU's Global Network, especially with respect to cross-school programs and initiatives. The Vice Provost oversees the Office of Faculty Resources - including its Center for Advancement in Teaching and Faculty Resource Network - the Curricular Development Challenge Fund, and the Distinguished Teaching Awards program. The Vice Provost for Faculty and Undergraduate Affairs also oversees the process of appointing faculty to University Professorships. The Vice Provost provides strategic advice to the Provost and President on the University's schools, centers, curricula, and initiatives in the arts and humanities, including strategic advice on hiring and funding priorities. Working with and across the schools, and in conjunction with the University Office of Development and Office of Research Compliance & Administration, the Vice Provost initiates efforts and provides support to academic units to obtain external funding for the arts and humanities.

For more on the Vice Provost's oversight and other responsibilities, see here.

The Office of Faculty Housing is a comprehensive housing resource for University faculty. Under the leadership of the Assistant Vice President, Faculty Housing & Residential Services, the office works directly with faculty, senior staff, the deans, department chairs and other University constituents on all housing matters. The office assigns housing units, sets lease terms, manages residential facilities and construction, and oversees homeownership programs.