Student Success

Student Success is here to ensure all students have access to the people, resources, and information they need to succeed as they progress toward graduation. This includes leveraging data and evidence-based practice to promote student success priorities at central and local levels, guide strategic interventions through campus-partner engagement, and deliver focused, innovative programming for students and campus partners. Student Success Specialists provide one-on-one meetings and proactive outreach with students to help overcome challenges they may encounter on their educational journey.

John M. Burdick, PhD
Director, Student Success

Whitney Hawkins
Director, Center for Student Success Insights

Holly Halmo
Director, Student Success Initiatives

Emily Schlam, EdD
Assistant Vice President, Student Success

Trevor Ban
Data Analyst

Ivana Cuevas
Student Success Specialist

Lenise Gomez
Student Success Specialist

MiSun Kwon
Student Success Operations Specialist

Emily Peeler
Associate Director, Center for Student Success Insights

Habibat Shittu
Student Success Specialist

Mana Uppili
Program Administrator, Student Success

Stephen Westby
Assistant Director, Student Veteran Transition and Success

Torrey Crosby
Student Success Operations Specialist

Lydia Cuffman
Data Analyst

Grace Kemmler
Assistant Director, Communications

Jess Levitan
Student Success Specialist

Juan Rodriguez
Assistant Director, Student Success Outreach and Support

Deyna Thompson
Administrative Aide II, Gould Welcome Center Manager
Office of the AVP for Student Success
Jefferey S. Gould Welcome Center

NYU Financial Education

NYU Financial Education provides educational programming, one-on-one financial coaching, and resources available to help prospective and current students expand their knowledge of personal finance and make sound financial decisions about college and beyond.

Natasha Bean
Director, NYU Financial Education

Kelci Koonce
Financial Education Specialist

Olga Baez
Financial Education Specialist