The Vice Provost for Faculty and Undergraduate Academic Affairs provides University-wide academic leadership across the Global Network University, especially with respect to cross-school programs and initiatives. The Vice Provost provides strategic advice to the Provost and President on the University’s composition of the faculty, including advice on hiring and funding priorities. Working with and across the University’s schools, institutes, centers, and programs, the Vice Provost initiates efforts and provides support to academic units to obtain external funding for faculty development, new directions in teaching, and the arts and humanities. The Vice Provost has oversight of provostial institutes and centers, including: the Institute of African American Affairs, Africa House, Asian/Pacific/American Institute, China House, Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, Center for the Humanities, New York Institute for the Humanities, Center for Ballet and the Arts, Center for Civic Art and Dialogue, and Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality.