Submission Guidelines

Levels of Review

Each new program proposal must pass four levels of review in the following sequence:

  1. School/Unit level
  2. University level I: The Graduate Program Committee, which reviews new program proposals four times each academic year. There are two submissions presented at two separate meetings in the following order: Memo of Intent and the Proposal. Online programs have additional requirements that are reviewed by the Provost and Office of Budget and Financial Planning.
  3. University level II (Office of the Provost): The Office of Academic Program Review and Assessment
  4. The New York State Education Department

Memo of Intent

The first submission to the Graduate Program Committee is the Memo of Intent (MOI). This is a 1-2 page memo that must come from the school dean that:

  • names and describes the new program,
  • identifies the demand and enrollment goals for the program, and
  • discusses both potential areas of interschool conflict as well as possible connections to existing programs within schools.

Effective January 1, 2020, schools/units must send one representative to the meeting at which the MOI is to be reviewed.

This memo must be submitted at least one meeting prior to the meeting at which the full program proposal will be reviewed. If the new program you are launching is an online program, please cc in your submission to the GPC. To see a sample MOI, please contact Associate Vice Provost Ryan Poynter.

Program-Specific Requirements

Proposal Guidelines

Once the Memo of Intent has been approved, you may submit the full proposal as one document to Associate Vice Provost Ryan Poynter by the submission deadline for the meeting at which you would like to have the proposal reviewed by the committee. (See the Graduate Program Committee’s schedule of meetings.) 

PLEASE NOTE: All course syllabi included with proposals must demonstrate compliance with the University’s policy on Assigning Course Credit Hours. The Office of Academic Program Review and Assessment will evaluate proposals submitted for committee review to determine whether required syllabi provide sufficient evidence of meeting the University’s standards for instructional time based on the number of credits assigned to the courses. Proposals will only be included on meeting agendas and transmitted to the committee when they meet this condition.

For additional guidance on understanding credit hours and syllabus requirements please review OAPRA's Credit Hour Guidance website and Syllabus Tip Sheet.

The proposal's cover page must be a 1-2 page memo from the full school dean, and it should be addressed to the Graduate Program Committee with the following information:

  • Degree and title of the new program, e.g. M.A. in Modern Architecture or Master of Science in Neuropathology
  • Complete name of the school submitting the proposal followed by the division/department/program
  • A brief paragraph summary of the proposal