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Our faculty—you—have shaped this university through your dedication to teaching, scholarship, and the mission of NYU. You’ve been instrumental in helping NYU attract the world’s brightest students and best professors, and you’ve shaped NYU’s distinctive culture of academic inquiry. Your contributions to the NYU community are deep and lasting, and they become more visible with every successful student and through your research and creative activity.

As you consider retirement from a committed and accomplished career, NYU extends to you its deepest gratitude and offers its support to help you feel confident as you take the next step in your life. To that end, the New York University Tenured Faculty Retirement Program was designed to make the retirement process clear, predictable, and equitable for tenured faculty. As a retired full-time faculty member, you will be invited to join the NYU Society of Retired Faculty, through which you can continue to engage with NYU friends and colleagues, provide mentorship, and remain part of our scholarly and social community. Whatever this next phase holds for you, we hope you will continue to be a part of this university for years to come.

Georgina Dopico
Interim Provost

What is the Tenured Faculty Retirement Program?

The New York University Tenured Faculty Retirement Program (TFRP) provides full-time tenured faculty members with clear and transparent options for retirement from active service: a one-time retirement supplemental payment or a phased reduction of workload over one or two years.

The Program offers a predictable retirement pathway that is not subject to individual negotiation or variability across schools and institutes. The Program removes uncertainty from retirement planning by providing a clear set of options to all eligible tenured faculty across the University.

Applicability of the Program

The Tenured Faculty Retirement Program applies to all eligible faculty who are tenured in all schools and institutes at NYU’s campus in New York City, except the NYU Grossman School of Medicine and the Long Island School of Medicine. The Program does not apply to faculty at NYU Abu Dhabi or NYU Shanghai.

Program Details, Eligibility Requirements, and Enrollment Procedures

The Tenured Faculty Retirement Program offers three options. You may voluntarily elect any one of these options, or you may elect to retire without participating in the Program, and thus will not choose an option.

Plan Document

The Program is governed by an official plan document that will govern in the event of any conflict with the information in this summary. The University reserves the right to change, amend, or terminate the program at any time. Any such modification or termination will not affect faculty who were already enrolled in the Program.

Option A:
Retirement Supplemental Payment

If you are eligible for and elect this option, you will receive a lump-sum payment equal to two times (2x) your annual base faculty salary (subject to tax withholdings and other deductions) upon retirement.

Option B:
One-Year Phased Retirement

Work one academic year with 50 percent workload reduction and receive full base faculty salary. There is no lump-sum retirement supplemental payment in this option.

Option C:
Two-Year Phased Retirement

Work two academic years with 50 percent workload reduction each year and receive full base faculty salary for the first year and 75 percent base faculty salary for the second year. There is no lump-sum retirement supplemental payment in this option.

Faculty Housing

Read about options for those faculty members living in university housing including possible studio apartments or relocation allowances.

Additional Program Benefits

Learn more about the benefit of earned sabbatical, re-employment at NYU following retirement, and financial advisory services.

Thinking About Retiring?

Faculty are encouraged to contact Work Life to arrange a confidential conversation about envisioning retirement and next phase options, such as encore careers or volunteer opportunities.

Next Steps:
Learn More and Enroll

Enroll in the Tenured Faculty Retirement Program here.

For more information about the Tenured Faculty Retirement Program—or to enroll—please reach out directly to your school contact.

If you’d like more information about general NYU retiree benefits, please contact PeopleLink or your school’s human resources officer.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Program

We know that you will have questions about the Tenured Faculty Retirement Program, and it is our goal to provide answers.

Read more about frequently asked questions.

Print a Copy of This Brochure

In early September the University will distribute a printed and bound version of the brochure to all tenured faculty. In the meantime, you may view and print a read-only Google doc version of the online brochure