This listing includes selected policies that fall under the purview of the Provost's Office, and does not represent the complete list of Policies and Guidelines at New York University.

Academic Integrity for Students at NYU

The University-wide Policy on Academic Integrity for Students at NYU is general statement of NYU’s standards regarding academic integrity, and is applicable to all students at all NYU schools. Individual school policies further address issues in academic integrity and school-based processes.

Faculty Handbook

The Faculty Handbook acquaints members of the faculty and administration of NYU with the general organization and functioning of the institution and with various policies, procedures, and conventions.

Full-Time Continuing Contract Faculty Policies

Read the University Guidelines for Full-Time Continuing Contract Faculty Appointments, Grievance Procedures, and Disciplinary Regulations (PDF: 131KB), as cited in the Faculty Handbook

Faculty Housing Principles and Priorities

Principles and priorities (PDF: 132KB) in allocating faculty housing units.

ITS Policies & Statements

ITS policies set out the procedures for information technology at NYU.

Policy on Personal Identification Numbers

The Policy on Personal Identification Numbers describes the responsibilities of the NYU community to ensure privacy and proper handling of personal identification numbers and to protect them against inappropriate access and use.

Recruiting and Hiring Policy and Procedures for Full-Time Faculty and for Professional Research Staff

Read the Policies and Procedures.

Research-Related Policies

NYU's research policies set out the standards that govern research-related policies at NYU.

Student's Guide

The Student's Guide provides general information to students on resources and support at NYU, and also includes University policies and procedures pertaining to NYU students.

Alcohol & Drug Policy

The Alcohol & Drug Policy outlines NYU's commitment to creating and maintaining a campus environment that is free of alcohol and substance abuse and that complies with New York State and local laws.Log-in Required)