Kristen Day

Vice Provost

Kristen Day is Vice Provost. She provides leadership for developing and implementing faculty policies and initiatives in the Office of the Provost and is the point person for the Provost on faculty appointments and dean searches. She has responsibility for the Office of Academic Appointments, which administers the University’s policies governing academic appointments on behalf of the Provost and the President. She is the Provost’s representative to the Faculty Senators Councils and provides administrative oversight for the Office of Faculty Governance. She also serves as the steward of the Faculty Handbook.

Dr. Day’s academic background focuses on the role of built environment to influence human behavior and well-being; her specific research has examined urban planning and design strategies to encourage walking and physical activity, focusing on cities in the US and China. She has also studied ways in which public spaces can be safer and more inclusive for women and people of color. Dr. Day has been at NYU since 2010; as a faculty member in the Tandon School of Engineering, she served as the Associate Dean of Academic Administration. In this position, she oversaw faculty hiring and promotion, professional development, and diversity and inclusion.

Prior to joining the Tandon faculty, Dr. Day was professor of urban planning at the University of California, Irvine. At UC Irvine, she served as university-wide Director of Community Engagement. She is past Chair of the Environmental Design Research Association, and was a fellow of the American Council on Education. She earned her Ph.D. in Architecture (Environment-Behavior Studies) from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  

Assistant: Samantha White