The Provost’s Office oversees undergraduate and graduate education and academic policies and priorities throughout the global network.


Under the leadership of Vice Provost Mark Siegal, the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs works closely with the deans of NYU’s twelve undergraduate schools to oversee all aspects of the undergraduate education of NYU’s 29,000+ undergraduate students. The Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs is responsible for the review of all undergraduate academic policies and programs, academic advising, cross-school curricula, multi-school programs, undergraduate research, and for convening the Undergraduate Deans, the Undergraduate Program Committee, and the Undergraduate Academic Affairs Committee.


The Office of the Provost at NYU works closely with the deans of the 15 schools with graduate programs as well as Student Life to ensure a first-class education and academic experience for our 20,000 graduate students. Doctoral Affairs are overseen by Vice Provost Diana Arpino, who works with school leadership to improve student experience and improve data collection for doctoral alumni professional outcomes. Prospective, new, and returning students can visit the NYU Graduate Student webpage to learn about NYU's extraordinary range of academic programs and to find out how to enrich their lives while in one of the most vibrant cities in the world.

Academic Program Review and Doctoral Affairs

Overseen by Vice Provost Diana Arpino, the Office of Academic Program Review and Assessment serves as the liaison to the University’s regional accrediting association, the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. It is responsible for the registration of new programs and changes to currently registered programs with the New York State Education Department; seeking necessary approvals from states other than New York for relevant educational activities within those states; and tracking and supporting the NYU student learning outcomes program-level assessment system.

Educational Technologies

Vice Provost Clay Shirky and his team design, develop, and improve technology-based educational initiatives throughout the entire university. The Office of the Provost is responsible for NYU's instructional technology strategy, collaborating with deans, faculty, NYU IT, and various other university departments. Vice Provost Clay Shirky also leads the University's Technology-Enhanced Education Committee, where he guides the institution's efforts to adapt and enhance technology-driven education.