About the Office of the Provost

As NYU's chief academic officer, the Provost is responsible for setting the University's academic strategy and priorities.

The Provost supervises deans and directors of schools and institutes and all academic support units, and with their assistance cultivates areas of excellence and enhances collaboration within and between schools. She also allocates financial resources according to academic priorities, in cooperation with university financial officers.

Areas of Oversight

The Provost actively supports a range of initiatives aimed at fostering academic excellence and student success. These initiatives include promoting interdisciplinary collaboration, enhancing teaching and learning methodologies, fostering diversity and inclusion, and encouraging community engagement. By championing these initiatives, the provost ensures a vibrant and inclusive academic community that prepares students for the challenges of the future while making a positive impact on society.


Our accomplished faculty make our University truly great and create significant pedagogical impact in the classroom and beyond. NYU supports its faculty by providing practical resources that foster the enhancement of teaching and learning, innovative technologies, comprehensive faculty development programs, and collaborative initiatives that empower educators to create transformative educational experiences for students.


The Office of the Provost is dedicated to fostering an immersive, well-being-focused learning atmosphere for all NYU students. 

Research Priorities

NYU is focused on research, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Six priorities have emerged as exciting opportunities for growth: artificial intelligence, arts and humanities, cybersecurity, quantum phenomena, STEM learning, and strategies to reduce inequality.

Accreditation, Authorization & Assessment

The Office of Academic Program Review & Assessment (OAPRA) operates under the Office of the Provost and serves as NYU's liaison to a number of important state and regional agencies regarding accreditation, program registration and authorization, and academic assessment. OAPRA facilitates the growth of NYU's academic prowess by providing efficient and effective support. The office assists schools in introducing or modifying programs, navigating the intricacies of multi-state authorization, establishing an academic assessment plan, and verifying  NYU's accreditation credentials. 

Centers and Institutes

NYU's centers and institutes play a dual role, serving as integral components of both the academic and cultural fabric of the University. These centers and institutes, renowned on a global scale for their contributions to research and education, serve as pivotal hubs within the NYU experience. Throughout the year, many of the centers and institutes host open lectures and seminars accessible to the entire University community, providing opportunities for diverse intellectual enrichment.

Work Life

The Office of the Provost is deeply committed to promoting a healthy work-life balance for all faculty and admistrators. Recognizing the importance of maintaining well-being and productivity, the Work Life Office, operating within the Office of the Provost, has implemented various initiatives and policies aimed at fostering an environment where individuals can thrive both personally and professionally. By valuing and prioritizing work-life balance, the Provost fosters a positive and inclusive community, ultimately contributing to the overall success and well-being of everyone at NYU.

Cross Cutting Initiatives

The Office of the Provost at NYU supports several cross-cutting initiatives aimed at addressing pressing global issues such as inequality, climate change, topics related to urban environments and the development and use of technology for the public good. These initiatives reflect NYU's commitment to addressing global challenges and promoting a more just and equitable world through interdisciplinary research, education, and engagement.

Collaborative Leadership

The Provost consults with Vice Provosts, senior executives, active scholars, and experienced administrators to ensure that academic priorities are central to every decision made at NYU. The Office of the Provost champions initiatives that prioritize innovation, diversity, equity, and inclusion across the university, fostering a collaborative environment that promotes interdisciplinary resourcefulness.  The Provost works to enhances the overall educational experience for students and faculty alike while engaging in strategic planning to address emerging challenges. 

Provostial News and Updates

Stay connected to the vibrant and dynamic activities happening under the Provost's leadership from faculty appointments and research breakthroughs to curriculum enhancements and campus-wide events.