The Department of Campus Safety is comprised of the following Divisions and Units that work together to provide a safe and secure environment for the NYU community.

Office of the Vice President

The Office of the Vice President enables consistent, responsible, and high-quality service delivery for the Department of Campus Safety in support of the NYU community by preserving the integrity of the Department, optimizing processes and services, and cultivating relationships internally and externally.

  • Strategic Initiatives ensures goals and objectives are achieved and continuity is preserved across the Department of Campus Safety through effective communication and research and the planning and monitoring of goals and objectives.
  • Transportation provides efficient, safe, innovative, and reliable transportation options with a high level of customer service while being fiscally and environmentally conscious. To access University Transportation information, please click here
  • Accreditation is responsible for providing direct oversight and management of the Department’s Campus Security Accreditation program and assures adherence to standards established by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) through the development of the Department’s catalog of policies.
  • Records & Compliance leads the University’s Clery Act Compliance Program and maintains and manages the Department’s records and records management systems to comply with federal guidelines and best practices.
  • Training offers on-site and virtual training and training program development support to all DCS divisions and units. The DCS Training Program is certified by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice (DCJS) and works in conjunction with University Human Resources to plan training courses and curricula for operational and administrative personnel.

Campus Safety Operations

Campus Safety Operations provides a safe and secure environment for the University community through well-trained staff, thorough investigations and consistent service delivery in an evolving campus safety landscape.

  • Special Protection provides support to University leadership and visiting dignitaries through executive protection methodologies, while also managing the Department’s relationships with external stakeholders and law enforcement agencies. The Unit also  provides logistical and safety support for on-campus events by ensuring consistent, timely service delivery and integration with external University stakeholders.  
  • The Incident Review Unit conducts thorough reviews of crimes and incidents that occur on campus or impact members of the community and collaborates with patrol personnel to enhance the likelihood of successfully resolving an incident.
  • Victim Services assists those who are considering reporting their experience to the police as well as those who have already decided to do so. We walk those requesting assistance through the process of filing a police report and explain other judicial processes. Upon request, the Victim Services Unit will accompany victims to the police department, the Office of the District Attorney, Family Court or the Family Justice Center.

Global Resiliency and Security

Focused on the university missions of teaching, research and public service, Global Resiliency and Security is the go to institutional office guiding global university constituencies as we prepare for, mitigate, respond through, and recover from any potential impacts to university governance, operations, and business.

  • Business Continuity serves to prepare plans for, mitigates threats to, and conduct University missions before, during and after an incident, in parallel to, and in support of, Emergency Management’s focus on protecting lives, property and the environment.
  • Emergency Management provides robust, all-hazards emergency management functions to the NYU global community, aimed at reducing disaster risk, improving response capability, enhancing individual preparedness, and protecting lives.
  • The Global Security Operations Center supports NYU’s Global Academic Centers, NYU travelers and NYU-associated programs around the world, both before and during a trip by monitoring the world and continually assessing events, identifying trends and patterns for any potential impacts to NYU travelers and facilities.
  • Global Safety Services manages contract security and operational continuity across NYU's eleven global academic centers focusing on security staffing, standards and administration.

Global Card Services and Security Systems

Global Card Services and Security Systems provides Campus Safety and the NYU community with consistent, reliable, and advanced security technology solutions, services, and subject matter expertise to proactively enhance global campus safety while continuously pursuing industry-leading standards and maintaining strong collaborative relationships with partners throughout the University.

  • The Communications Center supports the needs of the NYU community through 24x7 staff dedicated to ensuring a timely response to service requests and a proactive, thoughtful approach to disseminating safety resources and monitoring security technology.
  • Technical Services maintains physical security technology - including cameras, alarms, and access control points - across NYU facilities in New York City and abroad. To request assistance with a security device on campus, please visit CampusSafetyLink.
  • System Administration and Card Services manages global badging, card access, and the information systems unique to enabling the mission of Campus Safety. For assistance with your NYUCard, please visit CampusSafetyLink.
  • Security Assessment and Design produces and maintains security assessments of NYU facilities globally and designs physical security measures essential to protecting NYU assets.
  • Security Project Management and Engineering manages global physical security specifications and installation processes for all University construction and renovation projects.

Campus Safety - Abu Dhabi

NYU Abu Dhabi Campus Safety is committed to preserving a safe and secure environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors. A team of highly-trained and experienced security professionals support the University in a diligent and professional manner to mitigate risk and provide immediate response to emergencies.


Public Safety - Shanghai

The NYU Shanghai Department of Public Safety's mission is to create a safe and secure environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors to pursue their educational and professional goals while in Shanghai. Led by a team of highly experienced security professionals and staffed by trained security practitioners, NYU Shanghai Department of Public Safety operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.