NYU’s Endowment Fund provides a permanent source of capital to support the University’s mission and programs. The Endowment is managed by a professional investment staff within the NYU Investment Office. It is invested globally across a diverse range of strategies using external managers.

The objective of the Endowment is to support NYU students and faculty equally in the present and in the future, by providing current financial support to the University operating budget while also preserving the Fund's long-term purchasing power. To achieve its goal, the Endowment is actively managed and relies on a globally diversified, equity-oriented approach. Investments are considered on a risk-adjusted basis and liquidity is carefully monitored.

The Investment Office manages NYU’s Endowment Fund in accordance with the Investment Policy adopted by the Board of Trustees.

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Kathleen E. Jacobs Chief Investment Officer
Jeff Rathgeber Managing Director of Investment Operations
Cynthia Nascimento Managing Director of Investments
Lou Fernandes Managing Director of Investments
Adam Kobor
Managing Director of Investments
Paul Cotter Director of Investments
Lawrence Choi
Director of Investments
Patrick Delaney Director of Investment Implementation
Todd Elfman Associate Director of Investments
Andrew Duncan Senior Operations Analyst
Marie Birman Administrative Director
Ava Nelson Administrative Manager