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WIT Leadership

WIT Steering Committee

Photo of NYU CIO Len Peters

Len Peters, WIT Sponsor

Photo of Anandi Nagarajan

Anandi Nagarajan

Photo of Angela Chen

Angela Chen

Photo of Tamara Santiago

Tamara Santiago, WIT Co-Chair

Photo of Natalie Hidalgo

Natalie Hidalgo, WIT Co-Chair

Photo of Lisa Sookbirsingh

Lisa Sookbirsingh

WIT Subcommittees

WIT has established subcommittees to support our purpose and mission, and help meet our goals. If you are interested in joining a subcommittee or would like additional information, please send email to

Career Advancement

The Career Advancement subcommittee promotes and supports IT career pathways by identifying necessary skills for career advancement and raising awareness of job opportunities.


The Communications subcommittee manages the WIT website and guides all internal and external WIT communications.

Community Initiatives

Community Initiatives partners with other groups within and outside of NYU, seeks engagement from members of NYU's IT community, and identifies and secures speakers for WIT events.

Event Planning

The Event Planning subcommittee plans and manages events for the WIT community and assists other WIT subcommittees with creating additional events and workshops.


The Networking subcommittee researches and facilitates opportunities for IT professionals to meet, collaborate, and connect with other people.

Professional Development

The Professional Development subcommittee promotes professional development opportunities, plans and coordinates events for the WIT community, and acts as a clearinghouse for career-related resources and information.