Instructional Technology illustration with gears

The Instructional Technology Committee facilitates the conversation, coordination, and resources necessary to support faculty in re-imagining their courses and curricula with technology enhancements.

The Committee was created after the recommendation of NYU's Faculty Committee on the Future of Technology-Enhanced Education (FTEE). The FTEE's July 2014 report recommended that there be "at least one instructional technologist based in every school, and convene these individuals regularly with University-level IT staff, in order to coordinate initiatives.”

Committee Charge

(a) Surface school-based, portal-based, and site-based instructional technology needs, with the goal of coordinating decision-making so that, where possible, University-wide solutions can be reached and shared;

(b) Continue to address emerging support needs through the evaluation and assessment of instructional technology services;

(c) Enhance the information architecture (e.g., visibility, navigability) of existing online resources about technology-enhanced education, and ensure that online resources (e.g., the FAQs, the inventory of online and hybrid/blended courses, and the bibliography of articles about technology-enhanced education) are regularly updated;

(d) Develop and disseminate best practices and emerging trends for instructional uses of technology, especially standards for online courses;

(e) Develop and disseminate training and workshop materials for instructors and instructional technologists across NYU.

(f) Create instructional technology targets and goals as well as coordination of instructional tech pilots.

(g) Consider and collaborate across school and central teams on shared systems, code libraries, Data Asset Management systems, and file type standards.

Committee Membership

Marina Thomatos
Co-Chair: Kelsey Buttendorf
Sponsor: Ben Maddox

  • Courant: Covered by FAS
  • Dentistry: Cristián Opazo
  • Engineering: Nanette Giles
  • FAS: Lucy Appert
  • Gallatin: Jenny Kijowski 
  • Institute of Fine Arts: Covered by FAS
  • Law: Johan Starr
  • Liberal Studies: Tim Schaffer
  • Libraries: Michelle Demeter
  • Medicine: So-Young Oh
  • Nursing: James Nguyen
  • Global Public Health: Marina Thomatos
  • NYU Abu Dhabi: Jason Cabrera
  • NYU Shanghai: Angela Wang
  • Social Work: Henry Samelson
  • SPS: Chris Zakrzewski
  • Steinhardt: Kelsey Buttendorf
  • Stern: Ben Bowman
  • Study of the Ancient World:
  • Tandon: Nanette Giles
  • Tisch: Rosanne Limoncelli
  • Wagner: Henrietta Paz-Amor

NYU IT representatives

  • Paula Torres, NYU IT TLT
  • Daniel L Hodnett, NYU IT Digital Studio

Standing Members

TTC Representatives:

  • Roddy Austin, Division of Libraries
  • Jason Korenkiewicz, NYU IT
  • Ryan Poynter, Provostial Areas