Organization Chart

Information Technology

Len Peters , Vice President & Chief Information Officer

NYU Information Technology (NYU IT) provides IT solutions and support to the NYU community, in partnership with school and local IT teams, to promote and enable teaching and learning, research, and administration. NYU IT’s purpose is to power the daily operation of the University while being a force for change and innovation.

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For details about NYU IT's Purpose, Vision, Mission, Key Projects and Initiatives, Annual Report, and much more, please visit the About NYU IT website.

Key People

In Information Technology

Len Peters

Vice President, Information Technology & Global University Chief Information Officer

David Ackerman

Associate Vice President, Research Technology and Chief Digital Officer

Kitty Bridges

Associate Vice President, Digital Accessibility/IT Policy and Compliance

Jeff Capuano

Associate Vice President, Global Infrastructure and Operations

Angela Chen

Senior Associate Vice President, Institutional Solutions Group

Ben Maddox

Associate Vice President, Teaching & Learning Technologies, Chief Instructional Technology Officer

Annie Merkle

Associate Vice President, Strategy, Planning, and Engagement

Maria C. Suarez

Associate Vice President and Global Chief Information Security Officer

Nelya Zonis

Associate Vice President, Business Services Office