Every year the NYU logo and New York University name are placed on a wide variety of merchandise—apparel, gift items, and sporting goods—found around the world. Their adherence to the University’s identity program is extremely important to the NYU brand. 

NYU requires that businesses producing their merchandise be licensed. The licensing process ensures that the New York University name and logo are used appropriately and that merchandise is manufactured under a code of conduct designed to reinforce fair-labor practices and prohibit sweatshop conditions. 

NOTE: All promotional designs must follow NYU logo guidelines which can be found here.

Information for NYU Students, Faculty and Administrators

Any students, faculty, and administrators ordering promotional items such as t-shirts, pens, and mugs with an NYU mark must use a licensed vendor. The NYU Bookstore has many promotional items already in stock for purchase. A list of all licensed vendors who are authorized to create NYU promotional merchandise can be found on the CLC Licensing website.

Information for Vendors 

The university contracts with the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC), a national company specializing in university licensing. All vendors and manufacturers producing goods with the name, the marks and the logos of NYU must be licensed through CLC.

Businesses or individuals can apply for a license by filling out an application on the CLC Licensing website.

For more information on NYU Licensing please contact us at NYULicensing@nyu.edu.