The Office of Strategic Assessment, Planning & Design (SAPD) is dedicated to protecting and enhancing NYU’s campus environment and resources.

The Planning Team of SAPD is responsible for the long and short-range physical planning needs for the University’s local and global campuses. The team serves NYU’s academic and administrative units through the management of the University’s space inventory. With each individual client, the Planning Team works to allocate space through collaboration to find the best space to meet each need. The Planning Team offers programming, planning, pre-design, and capital planning services to clients engaging in long-range plans and in preparation for major capital projects.  

The Design Team of SAPD sets the guidelines for the quality of NYU’s built environments. The promotion of design excellence and the implementation of sustainable design practices throughout the built and landscaped environments of the University are the paramount objectives. The Design Team is responsible for the development of a set of written design guidelines, which will guide the development of future capital projects. The Design Team advises and guides the process for the selection of architects for planning and capital projects. Members of the Design Team follow major capital projects through the design and construction process to insure the integration of design excellence on the campus.

SAPD is an ambitious advocate for the maintenance, adaptive-reuse, and the preservation of NYU’s architectural and fiscal resources. We strive for thoughtful and considered solutions that help the University to better fulfill its academic mission and we are committed to NYU’s founding mandate to be a university “in and of the City”.