Contract Management

The Contract Management Group within the Facilities & Construction Management Organization is responsible for the procurement and management of service agreements of a large scale for periods of one year or more and at a value of $100,000 or more.  The CM Group shall also be responsible for vendor management and all vendors shall be pre-qualified and approved to do business with the University through the FCM Contract Management group and NYU Purchasing Services.

Mission & Values

It is the goal and objective of Contract Management to centralize the large scale needs of FCM and to secure the procurement of goods and services in the most efficient and effective manner while obtaining the best possible price and quality within the University purchasing guidelines. Further objectives include maximizing the spend of University dollars, ensuring that full value is received for dollars spent, fostering competition, and addressing and responding to the needs of customers in an efficient and expedient manner.

The CM Group will at all times represent the University with honest and ethical behavior consistent to University policies, to conduct business in a professional manner and to continuously pursue a level of excellence.

Procurement Responsibilities

The Contract Management Group is responsible for the procurement of the following items: