The Code Compliance Unit is responsible for ensuring that Life and Fire Safety, in existing and proposed Academic, Residential and Administrative University facilities, are always in full compliance with current rules and regulations of the City of New York and authorities having jurisdiction elsewhere in the world where NYU has a physical presence.

To that effect below is a summary of the main functions and tasks of our office:

  • Manage regulatory aspects of all capital construction and capital maintenance projects to ensure compliance with City of New York Zoning Resolution and Building Code. 
  • Review construction documents and prepare all applications necessary to obtain approvals from official city entities having jurisdiction thereof (i.e., Department of Buildings, Landmarks Preservation Commission, Department of Transportation, Department of Environmental Protection, Fire Department).
  • Examine problems, develop strategies and implement solutions to specific issues as they arise during the project life cycle.
  • Provide expert counsel on Procedural, Zoning and Code compliance to all University community.
  • Interact with project managers, architects, engineers and construction managers to create a seamless process during the life of projects.
  • Counsel and assist in resolution of outstanding violations of the New York City Administrative Code.
  • Provide intermediate level financial control during life of projects.
  • Manage and assist all University community in obtaining special event permits required during the academic year.
  • Management of computerized databases with records of all capital construction and deferred maintenance projects.
  • Management of filing systems in traditional format, including microfilm, blueprints and documentation.

The short and long term benefits to the University derived from the above listed services can be summarized as follows:

  • Full control of regulatory process with access to immediate response in all matters concerning the projects or any concerns related to use and life safety.
  • Management of comprehensive, structured and updated computerized and traditional record keeping systems.
  • Access to expert problem analysis and immediate response capability for development of solution strategies.
  • Provide University with expert representation and counsel on procedural, zoning and code related issues at all levels and agencies of City of New York Administration and elsewhere, if necessary.
  • Offer proficient design and technical advice to all University community based on precedence and/or experience.
  • Financial savings by far offset the overall cost of the department.