Alexander Pines

Name pronunciation: AE-luhg-zAEn-der PYNZ | Pronouns: he/him/his

Alexander Pines is the assistant director of global diversity education and training. In his role, Alexander develops and facilitates global diversity education and training initiatives within OGI. He also supports diversity, equity, and inclusion-based programming at CMEP, including the cultural graduations and Pursuing Justice series. Prior to this role, he worked within the Office of Student Success and the Financial Education team to help students build academic skills, unpack notions around financial literacy, navigate the university, and overcome barriers to retention and graduation. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in American studies and creative writing from Columbia University and a Master of Fine Arts from the Nonfiction Writing Program at the University of Iowa, where he also taught literature and writing with an emphasis on texts traditionally excluded from the canon. His essays and criticism about queerness, trans masculinity, monsters, and American empire have appeared in Bomb, The Rumpus, The Black Warrior Review, VICE, and elsewhere.