New York University’s Senior Vice President and General Counsel, assisted by attorneys in the University’s Office of General Counsel (OGC), is responsible for all legal matters arising from or pertaining to the operations of the University and its other affiliated entities.

Pursuant to University policy and the OGC’s Guidelines for Outside Counsel (the “Guidelines”), only the OGC is authorized to retain Outside Counsel on behalf of the University, and University employees should not speak to an outside attorney on behalf of the University without consent of the OGC.  Please note that all invoices for outside counsel must be reviewed and approved by the OGC prior to payment.

Below you will find links to relevant documents setting forth the University’s policies with respect to the use of outside counsel:

If you have a matter that you believe warrants outside counsel, please refer to the legal teams directory on the Attorney Biographies and Practice Areas page to determine an appropriate attorney to consult. You may also contact Aisha Oliver-Staley at 212-998-2095.

The Office of General at NYU Langone Health handles matters for NYU Langone Health. 

If you have any questions about billing issues related to the use of outside counsel, please contact:

Norma Minguela