The information presented below is meant to help you identify which attorney in the OGC to contact based on the type of matter involved. Here you will find a list of our main legal practice areas, as well as the name of the attorney(s) in our office with the most expertise in each of these areas. Please click on a person’s name to access their contact and biographical information. If the attorney you contact believes another attorney would be more appropriate for the task, we will let you know.

Please note that the list does not cover every legal practice area. If you have a question about a legal matter that is not covered on this list, please do not hesitate to contact our general number at 212-998-2240 and we will direct you to an attorney who can assist with your matter.

William MillerBrittany Schoepp-Wong

Alumni Affairs
William Miller, Susan SawyerBrittany Schoepp-Wong

William MillerBrittany Schoepp-Wong

Benefits Matters
Daniel Saperstein

Board of Trustees Matters
Aisha Oliver-StaleySusan Sawyer 

Campus Safety and the Clery Act
William MillerDaniel SapersteinBrittany Schoepp-Wong

Charitable Giving/Estate and Trust Matters
Susan SawyerElizabeth Whiston

Commercial, Contract, and Corporate Law
Connie ChiangSean DuaneThomas KozakDaniel MagidaSusan SawyerElizabeth Whiston

Computers, Internet, and Web Legal Issues
Connie ChiangThomas Kozak, Eric RasmussenMark Righter

Confidentiality Agreements
Connie ChiangSean DuaneThomas KozakDaniel MagidaEric RasmussenMark RighterElizabeth Whiston

Conflicts of Interest/Ethics
Aisha Oliver-StaleySusan Sawyer

Criminal Matters/Law Enforcement
Brittany Schoepp-Wong

Discrimination Issues
William MillerDaniel SapersteinBrittany Schoepp-Wong

Educational Affiliations
Thomas KozakDaniel MagidaSusan SawyerElizabeth Whiston

Employment and Personnel
Daniel Saperstein

Louis CusanoDenise Langer

Faculty Housing and Faculty Loans
Connie ChiangSean DuaneLouis CusanoDenise Langer

Faculty Matter Issues
Daniel Saperstein

Finance, Investments, and Banking
Louis CusanoSean Duane, Elizabeth Whiston

Financial Aid
Louis Cusano, Brittany Schoepp-WongThomas KozakElizabeth Whiston

Global and International Affairs (including Foreign Programs and Sites)
Please see the OGC Attorneys by Global Site page for a complete listing.

Global Compliance
Thomas KozakDaniel MagidaElizabeth Whiston

Health Care
Annette Johnson

Please see the NYU Langone Health Practice Areas page for a complete listing.

Daniel Saperstein

Susan SawyerElizabeth Whiston

Intellectual Property
Thomas KozakEric RasmussenMark Righter

Labor Relations/Union Matters
Daniel Saperstein

William MillerBrittany Schoepp-Wong

Privacy (including FERPA and HIPAA)
Thomas KozakDaniel MagidaEric RasmussenMark RighterBrittany Schoepp-Wong, Elizabeth Whiston

Real Estate Facilities
Connie Chiang, Sean DuaneLouis CusanoDenise Langer

Sponsored Research
Eric RasmussenMark RighterElizabeth Whiston

Student Matters
William MillerBrittany Schoepp-Wong

Denise Langer, Susan Sawyer

Technology Transfer
Eric RasmussenMark Righter

University Governance
Aisha Oliver-StaleySusan Sawyer