Karen Baranello
Assistant to T'Ajai Carrington and Louis Cusano

Tel: 212-998-2253
Email: karen.baranello@nyu.edu

Irene Choy
Assistant to Connie Chiang, Sean DuaneEric Rasmussen, and Mark Righter

Tel: 212-998-2238
Email: irene.choy@nyu.edu

Christina Duncker
Administrative Coordinator, Legal 
Tel: 212-998-2170
Email: christina. duncker @nyu.edu

Jessica Graham
Director, Office of the Secretary & Chief of Staff to the General Counsel

Tel: 212-998-2259
Email: jessica.graham@nyu.edu

Tracy Huggins
Assistant to Thomas Kozak, Daniel Magida, and
 Susan Sawyer
Tel: 212-998-2251
Email: tracy.huggins@nyu.edu

Norma Minguela
Manager of Operations

Tel: 212-998-2256
Email: norma.minguela@nyu.edu

Carmen Rodriguez
Assistant to Fiona CouslandSonya Johnson, and Dan Saperstein
Tel: 212-998-4096
Email: carmen.rodriguez@nyu.edu

Ankita Sriprasad
Administrator, Legal Operations

Tel: 212-998-4930
Email: ankita.sriprasad@nyu.edu

Lynda Van Wart
Administrative Manager, Office of General Counsel & Assistant to Aisha Oliver-Staley and Mathew Varughese

Tel: 212-998-2249
Email: lynda.vanwart@nyu.edu

Karen Vinseiro
Assistant to Swapna MaruriWilliam Miller and Brittany Schoepp-Wong

Tel: 212-998-2263
Email: karen.vinseiro@nyu.edu