Liza Manougian

Assistant Compliance Officer, NYU Abu Dhabi

Liza Manougian is the Assistant Compliance Officer at NYU Abu Dhabi, reporting to the NYU Abu Dhabi Acting Chief Compliance Officer. Liza plays a pivotal role in NYU Abu Dhabi’s Compliance Program.  She supports the OCRM in the core areas including Compliance Monitoring and Reporting, including Labor Compliance Monitoring and Reporting, Special Projects Management, and Governance.

Liza’s additional responsibilities include assisting with various activities related to internal investigations conducted by NYU Abu Dhabi OCRM, conducting research on compliance related matters including research regarding local regulations, facilitating general compliance workshops, training and awareness sessions, managing process for Export Control screening through third party Export on Demand software;  and overseeing and monitoring OCRM’s budget and expenses. Liza is a Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional (CCEP-I) and a member of the Society for Corporate Compliance and Ethics.