Great universities do not pursue new knowledge for the sake of discovery alone; many scholars are driven by the prospect of solving a problem, making a difference, and improving the welfare of humankind.

Nowhere is this latter impulse felt more strongly at NYU than in our health enterprise.  Encompassing an enormous array of activities – from an academic medical center that provides top-quality, cutting edge care each year to hundreds of thousands of patients to graduate education in public health, from training for the next generation of nurses to a dental clinic that serves some 50,000 poor New Yorkers per year – the health enterprise adds to NYU’s historic two missions – education and research – a third: patient care.  From the most theoretical dialogues about health policy to the personal interaction between healthcare provider and patient, NYU is fully engaged in today’s most pressing and important healthcare issues.

Reporting directly to the President of the University, the Executive Vice President for Health has the responsibility of working with the deans, programs, and faculty involved in the health enterprise on matters ranging from the effect of legislation on healthcare to establishment of new programs to the financing and building of new research facilities.

Robert Berne, B.S., M.B.A., Ph.D. was named Senior Vice President for Health in 2002; he was promoted to Executive Vice President for Health in 2010.