Date: July 8, 2016
From: NYU President Andrew Hamilton

Dear NYU Community Members,

I write to you as we all confront a national paroxysm of violence: Black and other people of color killed needlessly by police gunfire in ways that are shocking and manifestly unjust, and police officers targeted for assassination in the midst of peaceful protest because of the uniform
they wear.

Louisiana, Minnesota, and now Texas – these scenes, coming rapidly, one on top of the other, leave us bewildered, heartbroken, and struggling to make sense of their meaning. And they add to a growing national litany of incidents utterly at odds with our expectations and the values we cherish: personal safety, fairness, justice, the rule of law, inclusiveness, diversity, equity, and non-violence.

Our sense of anguish connects us. And though we may be uncertain about the greater meaning of the recent tragedies, we can be sure of what we must do in response: summon our courage, be generous with our compassion, stand by our principles, aspire to learn and understand what we can from these terrible occurrences, and demonstrate our determination to change things – because things surely cannot be permitted to go on as they are.

None of this will be easy; however, the load will be lighter if we take on these challenges together, as a community, sharing the pain and sorrow, and the hope for a better future. So, I encourage you all to find ways to come together and care for one another. Lean on your colleagues and friends; avail yourselves of the Wellness Exchange or the Carebridge Employee Assistance Program; make contact with staff at the Center for Multicultural Education and Programs and the many support offices in GCASL and Kimmel; attend the community gatherings that are already starting to be organized for the upcoming weeks; and participate in the activities being organized at the school level. I think you will find that they will all help to strengthen our resolve and point us in the right direction.

Andy Hamilton