Date: March 20, 2020
FROM: President Andrew Hamilton and Provost Katherine Fleming

Dear Faculty Colleagues,

Monday will see the beginning of a mode of teaching untried by most of us, and tried at this scale by none of us. We know that you're embarking on it against a backdrop of huge concern and distress, under complex and varied challenges, and that even as you worry about our students you must also struggle with apprehensions about your own family's health and well-being and disruptions to your home lives.

Thank you immensely for your support of our students and your commitment to their education. We are confident that NYU's faculty, which have brought this University so far, will bring the University successfully through this tough moment, too. We have huge respect for the work you do, and are very grateful to you for your dedication.

You are in our thoughts. Stay safe and well.

With our very best wishes,
Andrew Hamilton and Katherine Fleming