DATE: June 29, 2023
TO: The NYU Community
FROM: Andrew Hamilton, President; Gigi Dopico, Interim Provost; and Linda G. Mills, President-Designate

Dear Members of the NYU Community,

The Supreme Court has issued its opinion in the cases involving admissions at Harvard and the University of North Carolina, ruling against them and banning consideration of race in admissions decision-making.

It’s a difficult day. At NYU, diversity is a core part of our identity. We, like many in our community, see the decision as a step backwards in our nation’s struggle to live up to its promise of opportunity and equality and universities’ efforts to achieve the full set of educational benefits that flow from diversity.  

NYU was founded on the belief that education should be open and accessible–principles to which we will continue to remain faithful. However this ruling may change the laws with which we must comply, we will not forsake our commitment to building and sustaining a scholarly community that is diverse and inclusive, a community to which you all rightly belong. And however discouraged you may be or however divisive this issue may be in our society, we at NYU will remain committed to our values, including mutual respect for one another.

The University has been thoughtfully preparing for this decision; we will take time to continue to study it and to update the community. During the weeks and months ahead, let us rely on each other for support, as we always have.

Andrew Hamilton, President

Gigi Dopico, Interim Provost

Linda G. Mills, President-Designate