Date: December 9, 2019
FROM: President Hamilton

In the conversations and listening sessions I had in the weeks and months after I first arrived arrived at NYU, few issues presented themselves with as much intensity as affordability. Accordingly, it has been a subject of sustained effort ever since.

In May, I shared an update on the sciences at NYU. This month, I would like to share with you an update on affordability.

The update reflects the results and plans of the affordability steering and working groups. We are pleased to have moved over the last few years into the top 30 on rankings such as the NSF's Higher Education Research and Development ranking or the US News; I believe we can take just as much pleasure at having moved out of the top 30 on the list of the most expensive US colleges.

To be certain, there remains much work to be done in the area of affordability. I can assure you, it is still very much a focus of the University leadership group and the Board of Trustees.

I invite you to read the update, and to share your thoughts with the Affordability Steering Committee and Working Group.