Date: Wednesday, November 9, 2016
From: NYU President Andrew Hamilton

Dear Members of the NYU Community,

Seldom have we been treated to a more fractious and polarizing U.S. electoral season. Many of us felt a particularly keen personal stake in the outcome.

Now, on the day after the campaign’s end, our task is to find a way forward for ourselves, our community, and the country. I do urge you at this time, as the government undergoes transition, to remember the unique role of a university such as ours. To begin with, we have all chosen to come here and bind ourselves together in a scholarly community. We have a robust tradition of free speech and vigorous debate that is proudly accompanied by a high regard for facts and reason. Moreover, we share something else: the certain knowledge that our University's values – academic excellence, open discussion, diversity, and inclusion – endure regardless of changes in office-holders.

The election is now settled; however, the debate over the issues of public concern will carry on. So, let us all stay involved and be models for how that engagement should be conducted. Let us continue to explore the election and its issues in our best academic traditions and in accord with our practice of mutual respect. 

And, perhaps most importantly, let us generously extend a hand to one another and, in so doing, begin the process of healing divisions and reaffirming our commitment to the ideals of our community and this country. 

Finally, I know that this has been a trying time for many in our community. For those who feel the need, the University Wellness Exchange is always available at 212-443-9999 (numbers for locations outside of the US are available here.)

Andy Hamilton