DATE: May 19, 2023
TO: The NYU Community
FROM: Andrew Hamilton, President; Linda G. Mills, President-designate; and Gigi Dopico, Interim Provost

Dear friends,

Even as we prepare for the respite of summer, take pride in all the work we have accomplished this past academic year, enjoy the pageantry of Commencement and celebrate our graduates, and think ahead to next year, there is a shadow hanging over higher education. Before our community disperses for the summer, we want to touch on the forthcoming decision expected next month from the US Supreme Court regarding the consideration of race in admissions decisions.

Whatever else this ruling may change, it will not alter NYU’s principles or character. As we affirmed earlier this year when the Supreme Court heard arguments on this issue, diversity and inclusion are core values for NYU. This makes us a stronger, better university; improves our research, our teaching, our student experience, and our community; and conforms with our founders’ aims that NYU should be an engine of social mobility and justice.

In anticipation of the court’s holdings in the two cases—one involving Harvard, the other involving the University of North Carolina—for some time we have been examining our practices and making preparations. We will be able to say more about that work after the decision has been reviewed; for now, please know that our efforts are emblematic of the seriousness with which we take these developments and our firm commitment to our values.

We will be in touch again after the Supreme Court’s decision is released.

Andrew Hamilton

Linda G. Mills

Gigi Dopico
Interim Provost