Dear Colleagues,

As you know from my recent correspondence, I believe that NYU must do more to involve the faculty in the University’s decision-making process. University-wide representative committees are one way to accomplish this. With that as backdrop, I reported last month that we would be creating a faculty advisory committee on NYU’s global network.

As was stated then: Our global network has emerged very rapidly to become a major feature in University life; however, it will only work if the faculty - and its values - are at its core. Our focus, working with the faculty, will be on the consolidation and improvement of our efforts rather than opening new sites. The goal is to use the Global Network to maintain and enhance the quality of our departments and the reputation of NYU for scholarship and research, as well as the quality of our undergraduate and graduate education.

I have asked the Deans to choose representatives from their schools to place on this Committee. Additionally, we have asked the leadership of some other university-wide groups (FSC, Undergraduate Academic Affairs, Academic Priorities) for representatives. The roster of the Committee can be found at the bottom of this email. Dick Foley will serve as administrative liaison to the Committee.

The charge to the Advisory Committee is to assess the academic state of NYU’s global network and to make recommendations to the President and Provost for improvements, including recommendations for how best to integrate the network.

It is important to note that there is a parallel consultative process involving each of the specific sites: The Office of Global Programs is currently in discussions with schools and departments about their interest in developing sustainable academic partnerships with particular sites. Once the school and departmental partnerships emerge from those discussions, we will create site-specific academic advisory committees, based on the interest of schools and departments in those sites. The focus of these site-specific committees will be on curriculum development and planning, research and other site-related activities.

I look forward to the outcome and I thank everyone who has agreed to serve.

John Sexton

Faculty Advisory Committee on NYU's Global Network